Fear Not the Fall: Poems & A Two-Act Drama

Young's celebrated poetry reflects her own life and the influence of her family. This also is the first publication of her world-renowned play, "Fannie Lou Hamer: This Little Light."  Read poetry excerpts

2003. New South Books, Montgomery, Ala.

(Note: "Fannie Lou Hamer: This Little Light" also is in the anthology, Mississippi Dramatists: Reflections of Childhood & Youth. 1991.)

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Family Secrets, as told to Young by Jaye Peay


          This masterfully written book by Young is the riveting, true story of Jaye Peay, a young educated African-Caribbean woman who came of age in a time of independence for her island nation.

          From the opening, the reader is swept into Jaye's uncommon journey, as a dark realization compels her to extract her four children from their lifelong, yet troubled home. Jaye struggles against her country's parochial and male-dominated society and an abusive relationship with her husband. When he shatters her last measure of family trust, Peay's world is ripped apart and she must make a drastic and heart-rending decision to change all of their lives. A group of women friends aid her in finding the freedom to live. It is an inspiring story of love, hope and the bravery of the human heart as Jaye also searches to understand how she became paralyzed in an abusive relationship and how her past led her to accept a marriage of ignorance and intolerance. Jaye's story is illuminating.

2010, Westry Wingate Books, Mass., N.C. and Washington, D.C.

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Now, How You Do? A Memoir, edited by Young.

Letters by Susie M. Young written to two of her daughters, including Billie Jean. The memoir focuses on the life, family and philosophy of Susie Mae Young in 81 letters.​ An Alabama native, Susie Mae was a sharecropper and widowed mother of seven whose letters preserved her stellar memory and storytelling gifts. The book was released on her 90th birthday.

2010, Westry Wingate Books, Mass., N.C. and Washington, D.C.

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"Fear Not the Fall" is available from its publisher, New South Books.

The Child of Too

A book of poetry, 1981. Visions Inc., Jackson, Miss. Out of print.

My Name Is Black

An audio book of poetry, 1995, 2001. Better Word Music. Out of production.