~ Playwright & actress in the one-woman show

​   Fannie Lou Hamer: This Little Light, still touring

   after more than 800 performances.

~ Playwright & director of JimmyLee, the story of

   how the death of Jimmie Lee Jackson led to the

   Selma March and Bloody Sunday. The Marion,

   Alabama, production also is available for tour.


~ Editor of Now How You Do? A Memoir about
Young's mother's life in the Alabama
Blackbelt in the 20th century.

~ Fear Not the Fall/Fannie Lou Hamer: This

   Little Light​ is a book of poetry and drama - a

   compilation of Young's autobiographical 

   poetry (Fear Not the Fall) and the first

   publishing of her Fannie Lou Hamer bio-play

   in book form.

~ Family Secrets biography, told to Young by Jaye Peay.

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Billie Jean Young

An actress, speaker, writer, activist and educator, Billie Jean Young works at home and abroad to build social bridges and encourage economic justice for all people.

A MacArthur Fellow, she has educated and inspired hundreds of audiences the world over through her theatrical performances, books, poetry readings and speeches.

For more than three decades, Billie Jean has shared with the world the life story of human rights activist and Mississippi sharecropper Fannie Lou Hamer.  In her moving performances of the one-woman play – Fannie Lou Hamer: This Little Light – and in her efforts to give voice to the disenfranchised people of the rural Deep South and America, Billie Jean inspires change and creates new understandings in the spirit of Ms. Hamer. She has given more than 800 performances on four continents. 


~ Artist in Residence and Associate Professor of

   Fine & Performing Arts at Judson College in

   Marion, in her native Alabama.


~ Young frequently appears as a keynote,

    motivational speaker or panelist for 

    performing arts and literary events.

​~ As an author, she appears for poetry or book 

   readings from her works.

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